About Us

The Pelham Free Public Library serves the residents of Pelham, MA, and members of neighboring communities by providing:

  • free and unfiltered access to information and ideas through a broad range of print materials, digital media, and online resources;
  • opportunities for enrichment, entertainment, and community-building through regularly-scheduled lectures, workshops, performances, and other special events;
  • support and encouragement of learning at every stage of life;
  • a home and appropriately-monitored resources for the Pelham School Library and its entire community of students, parents, and staff.

During school hours, the students use the facility for class research and quiet reading time. Afternoons, evenings, and weekends are busy with residents of Pelham and neighboring communities.

The current Pelham Free Public Library building, a combination public and elementary school library, opened its doors in March of 2000.

Architects: J. Stewart Roberts, Associates. Cambridge, MA

The new book shelf

Picture book area